Messi will win the Ballon D’Oro 2019
Messi will win the Ballon D’ro 2019.

Hello Football lovers, Today I share with you the amazing video on how the wonder man Lionel Messi with his wonderful skills during 2018/2019. On this video, you must realize the Argentines can win the Ballon D’Oro 2019. You can compare him with other players you love. It is not a problem at all because every people have their favourite player too.

This video I shared is not to force you to follow what I need. Yeah, I need Messi will be awarded the Ballon D’Oro this year. He worked very hard. He did well, and he contributed to much for his beloved club sincerely. I know you will say that Messi was not able to reach the UCL’s final and he was the man with the champion title this season. That is not one of the main categories to win the Ballon d’Or.

You must remember how Luca Modrid won the Ballon D’Or last season, right? There must be Antoine Griezmann with the World Cup and he played very well to help his national team to be the champion of the world in Russia but he was not the man with Ballon d’Or.

You may disagree with this post and you can leave some words to be accepted as a proper reason.

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