Introducing @dStors, the online shoping of Steem Blockchain

Dear my lovely friends, what are doing now? I do believe that you are still trying to be a good content creator in Steemit and I know you will reach your dreams. You should not to worry on the bleeding market in a week. The reds will go away and the cryptocurrencies must show the green era in a couple month. No worries, be happy, and keep Steem ON!

I’d like to introduce you bravely about a new project powered by Steem Blockchain. It is @dstors. I am sure you know about some Steem Projects already. You can read here if you want to get more understanding about them.

What is DStors?

Yesterday, I read a post created by @taskmaster4450 about DStors. It is a platform created on the Steem Blockchain l that will bring together buyers and sellers. This is very similar to what companies like Amazon or Etsy do. And I have read a white paper of @dstors as well. I am sure this project gonna be a new motivator for us to stand by Steem Blockchain.

You can click this link to read about DStors White Paper to get more informations on this amazing projects and join the discord to have more discussion.

Keep Steem ON!

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