I just landed safely in Steempress.io using WordPress

Now I am very happy I am able to feel an awesome plugin named Steempress and I can be connected to Steem Ecosystem. What a new great experience! I have to thank to @fredrikaa and @howo for their hard and sincere work. Both of them dedicated their creativity for us by spending their full times in Steem Blockchain. I think this is one of a big development of Steemit.

There have been some third application to create the post depend on our niche, hobbies, and knowledge. @steempress.io come to offer Steemians a new experience in blogging. I can say this is a good chance for us to provide a good and original contents and having the possibility to get our post curated by @steempress.io.

I am pretty sure that the @steempress can be a big witness to maintenance the Steem so that the @steempress.io can be able to give their full support for all of us.

You can read the Vision of Steempress;

Simply put, our long-term vision is to see all bloggers be empowered by the Steem blockchain to monetize content and reach new audiences.

Indeed, I’ve tried to get some informations that be a lesson learned for me thru some posts written by the Co-Founders and I always follow all chats in their¬†Discord.¬†But I know I do nothing without my own wordpress blog to install the plugin of Steempress. Therefore this afternoon I set my blog and I was accompanied by a humble and smart woman, @anggreklestari. She helped me a lot to land me in @steempress.io. I can be here like other Steempressers and I hope I can make a post everyday. That’s it!

Thank you very much for stoping by.

Keep eSteem ON![BA]


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