Carlene Davis – Stealing Love On The Side (Review)

Carlene Davis – Stealing Love On The Side.

Reggae means “the king’s music”. It came from a word from Spanish vocabulary and had been first coined by the legendary Jamaican gospel reggae singers artist Bob Marley. In Latin, the word “region” means “to the king”. The genre of reggae is first noted to date back in Jamaica in the latter part of the 1960s. This genre of music denotes that style of best reggae music that developed from Rocksteady Genres and the Ska genres of music. Reggae is a famous genre of music and that’s why I know it.

You can listen to Stealing Love On The Side from Carlene Davis I share tonight for you. It was a nice classic reggae song.

About the Artist

Carlene Davis is a famous Jamaican gospel reggae singer artist. She has set her mark in the Carlene Davis gospel songs world. Carlene Davis gospel music and Carlene Davis gospel songs are a heartthrob among the reggae lovers.

Being married to perennial Sunsplash M.C. Tommy Cowan certainly hasn’t hurt Carlene’s career. But her talent is strong enough to stand by itself. By turns churchical, R&B or roots, her voice is bell-clear and evocative, and her numerous foreign stays have given her music a decidedly sophisticated and international perspective.

If you want to listen to his songs, you can find them on Spotify and Deezer.

Info of the song

Song: Stealing Love On The Side
Artist: Carlene Davis
Album: Big People Music Vol.3
Released: 1981
Genre: Reggae

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